Saturday, June 16, 2012

Characters of Waitress And My Writing

I've been working on my next book, but I've been writing at a snail's pace. I have a full time job outside of writing, and it's one which I love.

When I write, I like to have background noise. One of my favorite movies to have playing is Waitress. None of the characters are perfect, and only one is absolutely horrible. It's rare to see a story that has that kind of an element. Usually the protagonist is practically perfect except a flaw in judgement.

Jenna is a waitress who first decides to stay in a relationship. She's miserable. Rather than dealing with it, she hides in her job and friends.

She reflects upon her problems through her creations of pies.

Not only does she stay with a man who makes her miserable and is abusive without fighting back or protecting herself, she compouds her problems. She becomes pregnant, and that leads her to the new OB/GYN who is replacing her regular doctor. She starts an affair with this man despite it being not only against her own personal morals but they are both married.

She's not a terrible person though. To me, she is a real person who makes bad judgement calls based upon injured emotions and flaring hormones. She is surrounded by people she loves and who loves her back.

She gains the strength to do the right thing and nudge her doctor into doing the same when she meets his wife.

As I'm working on my next book, I keep thinking of that type of character. One who is not perfect but rather real. One who people may relate. A character who can find a happy ending when her life has been upended.

I've rambled on enough. I hope not to let a MONTH pass before I post something. LOL

Rose Leigh